Friday, February 29, 2008

Robby's A stitch in time saves nine story

So here it is, the first story, suggested by the saying "a stitch in time saves nine." It didn't come out quite as I expected, and I'm not sure it technically has a plot, but here it is. This is also the first piece of writing I've published on the Internet in some 8 years. How time flies.

A Metaphysics Lesson

3/7/08- corrected a typo


Richard said...

Okay, so I've looked up "Armenian Genocide," but I'm afraid I don't see anything to it other than an example of a random bad thing. Who or what were the "nine" supposedly to be saved by the "stitch" that supposedly caused the deportations and killings? And what is the significance of the final reveal that the Mad Professor is Jewish, other than the irony of Hitler being inspired in part by the Ottomans?

Watch spelling and construction. I spotted at least one "to" that should have been "too," with two.

Robby said...

I'm afraid in terms of my choice to use the Armenian Genocide as the consequence, it is just a random bad thing. The specifics of what he was trying to do ("save") are intentionally vague, for the in-story reason that he would claim the details are classified and he only wants to say enough to get his points across, and the details of how moving molecules a thousand years ago can change the world for the better are probably horribly technical. The extra-story reason is that I didn't think of an explanation.

There is no significance of the word "l'chaim." It's a word I've used myself in toasts, and isn't even meant to suggest he's Jewish. If it's too distracting, I can replace it with "cheers" or something.

Thanks for reading.

Richard said...

Fie upon thee for being such a clever guy; I read your story expecting it to be all complex and sneaky and stuff. Take this backhanded compliment, villein!

Robby said...

Admittedly one could easily be misled by my pretentious title. I actually started out trying to make a deeper story, but it just didn't happen. So I added the last line about the Korean Hooker Story to mark the whole thing as meant to be a little silly.

Incidentally, I thought you had just misspelled "villain" until I consulted a dictionary. Where do you get these words?

Robert said...
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Robert said...

Just finished reading the story. It was good. I like the humor. And unlike René's had something to do with time saving something. I'm gonna say this is the best story of three.